Pioneering African-American Architect: L. Quincy Jackson

Pioneering African-American Architect: L. Quincy Jackson

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You would not know, from most surveys of Modern American Architecture, that L. Quincy Jackson was a groundbreaking figure. It takes a little digging.

Nor would you know how deep his roots ran in his home state of Oklahoma, roots that grew into memorable testaments to the African-American business, culture, and history he championed throughout many decades of design work in the Sooner state and elsewhere.

As students of Mr. Jackson in the 1980s, we learned much of this history via the personal insights he shared with us as employees in his private practice, and as students in the architectural engineering program he established at our alma mater, Tennessee State University.

Yet despite our familiarity, grounded in conversations and professional engagement with the man himself, we still found much to uncover while preparing this historic profile and career retrospective.

In honor of Black History Month, we offer our findings in an effort to render African-American, Architectural, and American history more comprehensive in their representation of pioneering figures like L. Quincy Jackson.

Welcome. We appreciate you joining us in helping preserve his legacy.

San Diego, February 25, 2022

Part of our history series highlighting pioneering African-American architects.
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