After sensing a regional need for an architectural firm dedicated to creating sustainable designs, Carolyn and Michael Robinson put their heads together. With two decades of architectural engineering already between them, the colleagues-turned-partners quickly mapped out their plans for a regional firm that focused on creating enduring structures through each design, and, in 1999, Robi4 Architecture & Planning was born.

Since then, Robi4 has remained committed to the fundamental aspects of its design philosophy — enduring architecture and sustainable design — regardless of scale. Whether working with multinational corporations or engaging in the historic preservation of hometown glories, the firm has worked to meet a common goal: transforming clients’ visions into dependable structures that serve their needs, and reflect their character, indefinitely.

Throughout two decades of operation, the minority-owned and operated firm has also sharpened its focus on green building, primarily through the utilization of cost-efficient and energy-saving design. These methods have become increasingly instrumental to its work throughout the Mid-South and in environmentally-conscious Southern California (where it expanded operations in 2014).

In the decades to come, Robi4 will increase its focus on historic preservation while remaining committed to providing architecture, design, and project management services that turn clients’ visions into dependable structures that serve them indefinitely. It looks forward to design and consultant work that builds on its philosophy of sustainability and endurance, especially within the shifting paradigms of the 21st Century.